Mpakaliaros Skordalia (Μπακαλιαρος Σκορδαλια)

Well when I said I love to write about foods, my friend allowed me to make lots of photos while we were watching him cook Mpakaliaros Skordalia for us! It was amazing! so amazing that it will be a waste if I don’t share it with you guys!

I believe it was quite annoying with me holding a phone making photos all the time, but I am sure he will forgive me, because this post is dedicated to him, Andreas Loukas.

This lovely guy :)

This lovely guy 🙂

Well what we started with was taking the crust of the bread out and make little pieces of bread and then mix it with water!


When you reach this consistency you know that it is enough water in it!

He was constantly checking if he has it all as a correct mix!

We’ll add vinegar and olive oil which is directly from Greece.


Now it is time for garlic! Honestly he was really worried that it is too much, but I am originally from North of Iran, so I am quite use to it 🙂 and it smells like being with families to be honest!


This is just the right consistency! Taste it! It is amazing even at this level! It was a delicious sauce!

IMG_3769Now it’s time for the crust for the Cod fish!

Grolsch beer + flour + tomato pure (tomato paste)!


Fresh Cod fish as you can see!

We’ll mix it till you can get a reasonable consistency to dip the fish in it!

ImageThen is the time for olive oil again! Fry them in a quite deep pan with a lot of olive oil 🙂


Keep an eye on them to not burn and turn them when they become brown.


There we go!


Couldn’t wait anymore, you know!


Now it’s time for my favorite part! The Greek Salad 🙂


Tomato + paprika + olives + onion + feta + Greek olive oil + oregano

Cut the tomatoes not to small.


“This tomatoes are the only delicious one in The Netherlands that you can find!”


Add lots of olive oil, high quality! 🙂 So that means find a Greek olive oil somewhere… the rest are not good! For real!

Oily and delicious!


Time for Oregano! Freshly picked from mountains. 🙂


So here it is our food 🙂


A bit of sauce and Cod fish 🙂


PS: This was our view! He is leaving this place… we’ll meet soon. >D<







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