Let’s dance again with L’Chaim :)

Few years ago when I just arrived in Delft, L’Chaim band’s shows were one of my joyful moment in this city and it still is!

I love how alive the music is and I remember their first CD release in Koornbeurs… oh sweet God of the music… with all the free shots and all the nice passionate music and I should mention good rhythm which can easily drive you in a heaven full of dance!

I mean it! check it out: (this is from older albums, imagine how are the rocking it now!)

Now for their new CD, they have shows which is almost for free if you compare it with what they actually are offering including joyful hours and dance 😛

L'Chaim - Copenhagen


The point is they are so internationally busy that it makes it possible for almost all the people around enjoying at least one of their tracks if not all of it!

As the stated on their website: “Both the albums “Gipsy Trouble” (2011) and “Animal Bazaar” (2015) show the diversity of the band very well. There is singing in eight languages and the songs vary from lively polka to melancholic songs. With their energetic liveshow they get every public to dance and they have become experts in party-making, both on the street and on stage.”

L'Chaim - Taiwan

I guarantee you will have a joy of a lifetime 🙂

Join us going to their show almost all over The Netherlands 🙂

1 May: Delft

2 May: Utrecht

3 May: Rotterdam

(check the rest on their website! http://www.lchaim.eu/ )


Hope to see you all there :*

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