I am a highschool/university math and physics tutor next to being a student myself! So let's study together!

I grew up in Tehran, Iran. I moved to The Netherlands when I was in my 20s. Then I moved to Antwerp to continue my studies and I live in The Nederlands and Belgium now. I always loved teaching and being social helps people reach out to me easier. In all these countries, I managed to be a social person and the one my friends would want to help them with their math, physics, presentations, job interviews or any other consult that I could do for them or for their friends, children and relatives. I studied at Technical University of Delft with a minor in Advanced-Prototyping. I Have always been self-employed next to my job at ICT-service of TU Delft and tutoring. Being a freelancer was always some external energy power for my life. It challenged me to grow and build up more connections. My second minor was The Company at University of Antwerp; Discovering management and financial aspects of starting an enterprise, start-up or just becoming a top project-leader. I believe in communication and Rosé wine; I try to pass that to whoever is around me, wanting to reach the best they can offer! Either it is your dream job-interview or it is your university's presentations. PS: I occasionally make photos but I am far from being a photographer.